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Posted by the trend stalker on 28th April 2011

Lounging around: A stylish necessity

Pick any living room, anywhere in the world and the focal point is always the place where you take a seat. Whether you call it a sofa, a lounge suite or a couch, whether you prefer leather or faux suede, fabric upholstery or even retro velvet (hey, we don’t judge!), what you choose to sit […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 18th April 2011

Winter trends you’ll want to snuggle up to

It’s that time of year, you know the drill – the days get shorter, the nights get chillier and you find yourself lovingly staring at @home’s and Woolworths’s window displays, seriously considering buying a faux fur throw for your bed or favourite sofa. Okay, maybe that’s just me… even if you’re not longing for faux […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 13th April 2011

A trend you can stencil us in for…

Stencils are hot right now. Not the kind you used to keep in your Spacecase in primary school, the kind that add a certain je ne sais quoi to any living space – above a bed, on an accent wall in a lounge or even as a trend-savvy floor treatment… The sky’s the limit with […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 11th April 2011

Making a statement: Interiors that speak your mind

The other night I was eating dinner at my mom’s (nothing like a home-cooked mid-week pick me up) and found more than just a good meal, I found the subject of this blog post: Words in décor. You see, hanging above a counter in my mom’s kitchen, in between the microwave and the gas stove […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 5th April 2011

Luxury & Support: you’ve either got it or you don’t

When it comes to beautiful things, luxury and support don’t always go hand in hand. I have bought many a pair of luxury (translation: expensive) shoes, skyscraper stilettos that make your legs look the length of a supermodel’s, but after two mid-morning meetings have you wishing you’d worn sensible flats. You see, you can see […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 1st April 2011

The monogram trend: Decor just got personal

Ever since I laid eyes on Jonanthan Adler’s letter pillows I have been a bit obsessed with monograms in décor. Nothing adds an ‘I live here’ touch to a room quite like a well-placed monogrammed something. Using monogram items to flaunt your initials and make a space truly your own is probably one of the […]