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Posted by the trend stalker on 30th August 2012

How I love the raggedness of Industrial Design

Exposed brick, pipes and lighting fixtures. No hiding behind wallpaper and ceiling boards; that’s what industrial décor and design is about. The design is raw –houses stripped to their bare minimum, forced to be honest. Contemporary Bedroom design by Mexico City Architect Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Posted by the trend stalker on 27th August 2012

Dressing Your Coffee Table Tops

I collect things. Magazines and coffee table books to be exact; I have one of Anna Wintour’s early issues of Vogue, an old but graceful architectural coffee table book and one of my good friends recently bought me a copy of Sharp Sharp – a South African street style book. I alternate displaying those treasures […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 24th August 2012

Bedrooms to Envy

It’s Friday and I thought “hey, what can I do to make someone’s day?” Then it came to me, no tips not critique, just great rooms to look at and admire. Well, I hope that it gives you ideas and something to look forward to. I hope that today’s post is more inspiration than envy, […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 20th August 2012

Open Plan Living

“Open plan is the generic term used in architectural and interior design for any floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimises the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private offices. The term can also refer to landscaping of housing estates, business parks, etc., in which there are no defined property […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 14th August 2012

Your Wall Doesn’t Have to be a Wallflower

As my great aunt Maude always said: “white walls are only for hospitals, prisons and desperately sad people.” Well, I didn’t much believe her because her anti-white walls comeback was an assortment of cat-lady patterned wallpapers. No, she never got to the point of having cat wallpaper. So, this week we follow in great aunt […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 11th August 2012

Trending: Your Bookshelf: A Home for Anything you can Imagine

Disclaimer: here at The Furnishing Touch love books. We love to think of bookshelves as homes for all our friends. It’s a relationship we cherish and encourage; book lovers, books and bookshelves. Traditional Hall design by Boston Design-build Morse Constructions Inc. What’s been trending is something a little outside of that.

Posted by the trend stalker on 7th August 2012

A writer lives here

This dear friends, is a short note. I didn’t want to go on too long lest you realise the severity of what I’ve done and begin to judge me. Eclectic Artwork design by Chasing Fireflies

Posted by the trend stalker on 3rd August 2012

The mother of all invention

In life there are two kinds of people – not really, but please follow the thought – those who buy vases and those who don’t. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find a study that says that those who do are hopeful and those who don’t are pessimists. Winter is just about […]