The Furnishing Touch is committed to bringing you the latest in interior design trends – giving you all the info on what’s hot so that you can avoid what’s not. We walk the streets, surf the blogosphere and interrogate the industry’s hotshots to get you the tools to transform your living space from a house to a home. We have a soft spot for function that follows form, for beautiful things that blend style and substance effortlessly. The Furnishing Touch believes that however big or small your home is, it should always be a place where you can kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy having a room with a point of view.

The Furnishing Touch forms part of the Bravo Group company, which boasts brands such as Alpine Lounge, Grafton Everest, Sealy and Edblo to name a few. It’s Bravo’s mission to bring to the table what Apple brought to the world!