Posted by the trend stalker on 26th September 2012

Blank Canvas

I’m not about to tout myself as a champion of minimalism, one need only look inside my little shoe cupboard to realise that I don’t quite believe that less is more. I would much rather have scatter cushions on my sofa than not; I won’t just have a bouquet of flowers on my coffee table, and not have a piece of art, book or magazine. This is my school of thought where decorating with white is concerned.

In the interiors I’ve seen, which have mostly stuck to white and monochromatic palettes of colour, any bright colour that that dared to stand out and stray away from the general colour scheme, stood out like paint that wouldn’t quite stick to the canvas. This is the same beauty that’s in the above image; the turquois chair is unwilling to play in the background.

This workspace is nothing to sniff at; having a large source of light complements this look. Perhaps a bigger vase with an arrangement of sunflowers and daisies would bring that bit of colour it needs.

In most of the looks I came across, the floors also carried the preferred colour palette. Personally I enjoy the above look more than those that opted for white or grey. It just breaks the starkness of the room and integrates the pillows and breakfast bar stools.

Black and white are always the most complementary combination, and as close to perfection as the art of interior decorating can get.

While we’re still on the topic of a perfect marriage of black and white, can we please discuss that chair? Eeek! My love of bold and slightly strange chairs was unabashedly documented on this post a while back.

Another thing I adore with all my heart just so happens to be bathrooms.  This one hits my top 10 list, but I keep cringing at the thought of clothing items and wet towels strewn about on this gorgeous canvas of a floor.  Notice the light source playing its part again? Big windows create the perfect ambiance for a white room.

I’m starting to think that if I were a colour I’d be yellow; bright, beautiful and bold.

What’s your favourite way to apply  monochromatic colour combinations? Do share on the comments section.

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