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Posted by the trend stalker on 7th October 2015

Couple up

Ryan Beattie from La-Z-Boy offers his tips on how to achieve conflict-free and productive decorating as a couple.

11 June 2015, Johannesburg: “Decorating as a couple can be one of the biggest challenges facing a new couple – the combination of conflicting tastes and so many different style choices for your space are a recipe for disaster. Fortunately however, it only takes a bit of planning and a few key tips to ensure your decorating experience is fun, easy and successful,” says Ryan Beattie from La-Z-Boy.
Open for discussion

The most important part of decorating as a couple is planning and discussion, explains Ryan: “Planning and talking about the style and composition of your décor before you decorate will help avoid any conflict at a later phase during the decorating process. It will also ensure that decorating as a couple can be an easy and enjoyable process.” Things to consider include your budget, layout, essentials and nice-to-haves. It is also a good idea to divide the tasks up evenly so neither person feels like they’re doing more work than the other.

Mix and match

It’s very important to remember that as a couple you both bring your own unique styles to the space you will be sharing. Mixing and matching elements of both of your styles will help bring a personal touch to your décor, and will ensure that both partner’s personal styles are being represented. Mixing and matching sentimental pieces that reflect each partner’s personality is important, as it will make the space feel more homely and personal. “Remember, that when incorporating personal pieces into a space, it’s advisable to only use pieces that add to the style you’re trying to achieve, rather than cluttering the space up with random sentimental pieces,” advises Ryan. Both partners being present when shopping, and a clear style plan will also be very beneficial in helping to create a cohesive end result.
Neutral territory

There are a few aspects of design that should be kept gender neutral – not only will this help the space from becoming too masculine or too feminine, but it will also make the space a great canvas for adding personal touches. “Deciding which parts of your décor should be kept neutral is quite easy – it relates to anything that stands as a big feature in the space, such as a feature wall or big pieces of furniture for example,” suggests Ryan. When it comes to couches for example, choosing something that is both comfortable and stylish is ideal.

La-Z-Boy recliners and lounge suites are a prime example of how a single style can appeal equally to both sexes – the fact that this motion furniture is super comfortable will appeal to the men, while La-Z-Boy’s sleek, modern designs will appeal to the ladies. Something like a La-Z-Boy suite, which suits both partners and is neither too feminine nor masculine, is a perfect example of a gender-neutral choice.

“Wall colour is another important thing to keep neutral, and organically neutral tones such as whites, beiges, stones and greys are believed to be the most gender neutral,” explains Ryan. While it is a good idea to keep walls neutral, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, as if both people can agree on a non-neutral colour that works can be an option too. “Neutral choices are also great for any design element that is causing conflict or where a mutual decision can’t be reached,” adds Ryan.

Clever compromises

While you might not particularly like your boyfriend’s old band posters, and he might not like your obsession with vintage ornaments, it’s important to remember that both parties can bring their own unique style and flare to any space. And while being able to incorporate a bit of everyone’s style is first choice, unfortunately it isn’t always an option, explains Ryan: “Making choices, and sometimes sacrifices, that make the space more enjoyable and more a reflection of you as a couple versus you as an individual, can sometimes be difficult, but in the greater scheme of things a small compromise now, will often lead to an amazing space later.” It’s important to remember that you’re creating a space that both of you need to be able to love and call home.


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Posted by the trend stalker on 5th May 2015

Built to last


15 April 2015, Johannesburg: When it comes to purchasing seating, and motion furniture in particular, it is advisable to invest a bit more money from the onset, so that you can rest assured that you have a quality piece that will last. “One needs to look beneath the surface of a furniture piece to understand why you’re paying more,” advises motion furniture expert, Ryan Beattie from La-Z-Boy. He goes on to add: “La-Z-Boy, for example, only offers the best in quality upholstery, mechanisms from the USA, and frames that are built to last.”He believes that buying cheaper imitations products may be more affordable in the short-term, but may cost you more in the long run: “Low-grade materials end up deteriorating a lot quicker meaning you may have to replace your furniture item a lot sooner than you would a piece of quality craftsmanship.” Here’s his take on the matter:


Quality that lasts


“When it comes to purchasing a fixed or motion armchair or sofa, it’s important to buy the best one you can afford at the time,” explains Ryan. He says that seating tends to be the main attraction in most living rooms and as such, one should make a considered choice and spend that little extra time and money to ensure you don’t end up having to replace it after a few years.“Ideally, you should choose a piece that has a timeless aesthetic so that it doesn’t date quickly, and hardwearing upholstery that has a long life cycle. Factors such as these play a major role in the longevity of a piece, but it also goes much deeper than just what meets the eye. A key component of good quality seating is what’s beneath the surface. A strong frame, sturdy springs and quality grade memoryfoam all play a role in ensuring it will withstand day-to-day use,” points out Ryan. Like with a house, superior construction and quality materials form the foundation of a great end product.


A reputable reputation


It is essential to investigate the company and brand behind the piece you would like to invest in, ensuring that they are a reputable manufacturer with an established history. La-Z-Boy, for example, has over 60 years worth of experience manufacturing motion furniture. “A good long-standing reputation and a substantial manufacturers’ warranty is one way of ensuring that the piece you select is a quality one,” notes Ryan. Looking at the kind of warranty and after-sales service a manufacturer offers is a great testament to the brand’s ethos and the quality of the products that they manufacture. Ryan notes that for example, with every La-Z-Boy, client’s receive the famous La-Z-Boy warranty, which he regards as one of the finest in the industry: “All La-Z-Boy furniture comes with a 10 year limited warrantee – the frame, mechanism, electrical components, foam, and upholstery are all covered after purchase. What’s more is that La-Z-Boy offers the best after-sales service in the market, ensuring a great all-round client experience.”

Time will tell


“No matter how expensive or quality assured a furniture piece is, it is bound to wear out over time, but there are ways around this,” explains Ryan. Here are his pointers on how to prolong the life of your La-Z-Boy:

  • Lightly lubricate the mechanical mechanism every 12 months.
  • If the user is of a substantial weight, it is advisable to tighten the wing nuts underneath the rear portions of the seat, whereas a lighter weight person should loosen them slightly.
  • Avoid sitting on the arms, edge of the seat cushion, or leg rest when it is raised, and deter children from using your furniture as a jungle gym.
  • Be extra attentive when wearing heels, jewellery or buckles so as not to scrape the upholstery or snag any fringing.
  • Remove any obstructions before using your reclining chair or sofa.
  • Make a point of sitting in a different part of your sofa at each use to ensure even wear.
  • When placed on a high pile rug or carpet, make sure that the electrically powered motor does not come into contact with said floor covering.
  • Select the correct fabric to suit your lifestyle to ensure it is durable enough to meet your needs.
  • Armrests tend to receive the most wear over the years so be sure to keep dirty hands at bay or get armrest covers that can easily be removed and washed.
  • Protect you furniture pieces from direct sunlight to avoid fading by simply drawing a curtain or positioning it away from brightly lit windows.
  • Remove dust with a soft brush or occasional vacuum.
  • Regularly condition your leather upholstery to maintain its suppleness and prolong its life.
  • Avoid spray polish, chemically based products, saddle soap, abrasive cleaners or wet cleaning of your leather sofa unless otherwise specified.


“Whilst the immediate monetary output of a good quality motion furniture suite may be moresubstantial than cheaper alternatives, if you look at it from a long-term perspective, they really do work out to be the better buy,” nods Ryan.

Visit phone 021 951 7150 (ask for sales) to find a retailer closest to you.




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Posted by the trend stalker on 14th May 2013

Chandeliers & lamps for ladies

I once decided to apply for architecture – one of the tasks was to design a lamp, so off I went and drew inspiration from where ever would yield it. It had to display signs of a future architect, so needed to light up, if you will, the design critics heart.

Some of my inspiration forms the purpose of this post…

Abu Dhabi sees some of SA's best design

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Posted by the trend stalker on 2nd May 2013


To have and to hold onto…forever

I choose to define hoarding as: ‘an over-developed ability to store all things good and possibly useful’. This could mean useful for your unborn children, unbuilt house or perhaps useful during a sudden apocalypse. This could also include eggshell boxes as paint holders should you one day become a nursery school teacher and need them in abundance.


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Posted by the trend stalker on 16th April 2013

Get a kindle, they say… It will be fun, they say…

Bookshelves with books on ’em – oh, what a feat! I suppose it’s expected, nowadays, that on a bookshelf you’ll find some pots, some souvenirs and one kindle. Get a kindle, it’ll save the trees, they say…

I’ll have you know, and I’ve done the research – the trees books are made of are specially grown to become books when they grow up. So shall we give them the best, most beautiful way to live out the rest of their lives? We shall – especially for the purpose of this post.

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Posted by the trend stalker on 21st February 2013

Home Office | Beyond The Fundamentals

Most would argue that four walls and a roof make a house and that the addition of personality and character makes this house a home. But that starting off  point with the house is the most fundamental step to making a home. With this logic in mind I’ve put together a bit of a roadmap to decorating a home office beyond the fundamentals.

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Posted by the trend stalker on 19th February 2013

Minimalise clutter

I’m sure you can safely agree, none of us will ever hold the attention of visitors for too long by taking them through ticket tear-offs or memorabilia from random experiences. “This is when we went to…” please!

In my opinion, it’s about having what you want in your home but never too much to maintain. If you’ve read and understood that overwhelming cover of most surface areas means a new way of life is in order, then enjoy these tips on the minimalist way.


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Posted by the trend stalker on 5th February 2013

Set in style

Ever watched a film and whilst doing so, looked around your home and thought, this place has that set’s potential. I’m always most impressed by a good film’s set design as opposed to its actors or styling. I was crazy for the interiors that featured in A single Man. Oh!

Have a look – here’s set in style inspiration. Some of the most beautiful interiors for sets of some of the most beautiful films…

A SIngle Man (2009) Production Design: Dan Bishop, Art Direction: Ian Phillips, Set Decoration: Amy Wells

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Posted by the trend stalker on 29th January 2013

Widen, heighten, broaden

So we’ve all read articles about how to create the illusion of space within a small one… But here are a few tricks I thought were a tad different and insightful. 5 tips to widen, highten, broaden your spaces.

Do not paint a room, walls, floors and ceilings black (or too dark a colour) – this we know, so lets begin with some fine detail, or not fine rather.

1)   Be bold.

Use bold prints, wide stripes and bigger ornaments. Tiny lil’ patterns and tiny lil’ ornaments make things seem clustered.

Posted by the trend stalker on 17th January 2013

Essential Starting out decor Advice

If you remember toward the end of last year a new series called “Starting Out” was added to this blog as a means to gather ideas, tips and tricks for those starting a new living adventure in their lives. Be it moving into res, moving into a first apartment or buying a new and first home. The thought of getting a chance to redecorate and start fresh, how exciting!

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