Posted by the trend stalker on 21st September 2011

Chandeliers: the light of my life

In my “wild youth” – which I wouldn’t really describe as misspent, although my parents might disagree – I had a bit of a thing for music festivals. You know, when you pack a tent (which never gets pitched), some clean clothes and toiletries (that never get worn or used), sunscreen and glow-sticks (remember, this was years ago!) pile five friends into your rust-bucket student car and drive for hours to a once-tranquil spot that is now being over-run with rockers and ravers ready for a three-day-long party … You do? Good.

Anyway, getting to the point, one of the outdoor dance-floors at Rustlers Valley – I forget which year – had an enormous, incredible chandelier made of dead branches and fairy lights. It entranced me for hours. Imagine my delight when I came across this downscaled, upmarket interpretation.

dining room eclectic dining room

The best part is that hubby agrees it would be perfect for our living room. Now just to find a locally-made version …

The romantic in me has always loved chandeliers, so it’s not just the fact that they’re currently global decor’s shining light that makes me want one in every room. They’re pretty. And the modern take on this classic can be pretty functional too.

Diningtable glass, with wicker chairs contemporary dining room

As with any reworking of an “old” idea, there is plenty of scope for personalising the chandelier trend to suit your home’s style. Don’t you just love this candle-ier?

Farmhouse Casual traditional dining room

And also this origami-inspired fixture? Although it’s bold and bright and a little over-the-top, it highlights the minimalist, Eastern style of the space – and, when switched on, casts a warm glow over the sparse white expanse.

residence F modern kitchen

The chandelier in this elegant dining room adds an extra layer to the contemporary retro look. The crystals, although black, are antique-looking yet somehow thoroughly modern, and they blend beautifully with the 40s-style mirror and 70s-inspired cabinetry. The overall look is timeless and perfect for endless evenings of fine dining.

Willowgrove Dining Room contemporary dining room

This dining room with its formal Tudor paneling is saved from being traditional in the stuffy sense of the word by the eclectic lighting installation – which looks to me like it’s made of recycled bottles. I also adore the unexpected colour contrast that makes the chandelier the focal point of the room.

Eclectic Modern Tudor Dining Room eclectic dining room

But why only think of a chandelier as an indoor decor piece! This Thai-style outdoor setting would only be a collection of chairs around a table without the hanging fixture. This lust-have light’s plastic-looking bubble shapes are a playful re-interpretation of an old-fashioned chandelier’s rounded crystal forms – as well as a welcome break from the linear grids of the tiles, table and doors.

Outdoor dining area contemporary patio

I may have fallen out of love with Rustlers. And Splashy Fen. And, possibly, Oppikoppi as well. But I’ll never get over my crush on chandeliers – for so many reasons. Most of all, though, did I mention that I think they’re really pretty …?

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room

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