Posted by the trend stalker on 25th June 2013

Conscious spacial awareness

Creating spaces where function leads form is the purpose of today’s post. While interior décor focuses on fabrics, colours and finishes – the most important of all is the function of your space.

Let areas seem larger and every corner exude purpose, let space flow and make crevices a feature so that where ever the eye lands in your home, it’s met with stories, function and most of all, outright efficiency.

1)   Envisage (or list) the spaces you’ll need, pay particular attention to the square footage in which you think these spaces, be them reading nooks or formal sitting rooms, will take up.

2) Consider the flow from one space to another. Which spaces make the most sense being next to each other? The adjacencies are important, as they’re the difference between spilling the tea tray on your way from the kitchen to the formal sitting room, through the kid’s playroom. Obvious example, but less obviously considered, you’d find.

3) Organising options. Whether you’re arranging in a linear or axial space, you can decide where your major feature points are and work with them as design elements that guide the eye and flow.

4) And from this – consider the path of travel between spaces and the clusters of furniture pieces. A bedroom say, would be a night stand, a bed and perhaps a dresser and a living room would be a couch, coffee table and some chairs.

5) And finally – remember, the orientation of furniture pieces in relation to each other, and the spacing between pieces to encourage social interaction.

For the same reason a bunch of people would sit in a circle in any social setting, consider the dynamics of conversation and apply the basics to your home. Remind you of Feng shui? To drive the point home, here are some basic feng shui tips.

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