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Give your home some attitude!

Designed to complement today’s smaller living spaces, La-Z-Boy’s new Urban Attitudes furniture collection includes an eclectic mix of sofas and chairs that are bang on trend for the contemporary lifestyle.

05 April 2017, Johannesburg: La-Z-Boy’s newly launched Urban Attitudes collection of premium sofas, chairs and accents is an eclectic mix that’s perfectly proportioned for your modern living space. Says Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy: “The new Urban Attitudes collection boasts a modern aesthetic, that’s completely at ease with clean lines and stand-out details, for a look that reflects your individual style and makes you feel perfectly at home.”

La-Z-Boy’s Urban Attitudes range comprises a selection of suites, incliners, occasional chairs and sofas in contemporary and sophisticated designs, and upholstered in a wide selection of high-end fabrics and luxurious genuine leather. Claire explains: “Urban Attitudes is sophisticated, modern and anything but ordinary! Combining comfort and quality with contemporary designs and beautiful fabric and leather options – Urban Attitudes will give your home some serious attitude.”

She notes that this new range is geared towards a more urban demographic, and that it has been designed to complement smaller homes and apartments, but without compromising on style: “Urban Attitudes is one of La-Z-Boy’s most significant collection launches in many years, and it makes a bold statement for the brand. It is an eclectic mix that fits the tastes of consumers with a penchant for style, while also being surprisingly affordable.”


Style it your way

You can really embrace your creative side with Urban Attitudes by choosing your favourite sofa and matching it with one of the wide selections of contemporary fabric options. You can then complete your design vision by adding an accent chair in a complementary colour. “No matter what your style, there is something for everyone in the new Urban Attitudes collection by La-Z-Boy. Whether you are seeking a bold contemporary design, or a more traditional, classical design – you will find all the inspiration you need to create a stunning space in your home,” promises Claire.


Capitalising on comfort

The new range offers the new and innovative Deluxe Comfort Seating system that comprises a total of four layers of foam. Claire explains that this groundbreaking seating system allows users to enjoy more personalised levels of comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support: “The bottom three levels of the four layers in the system consists of high density Polyflex Foam – the base is firm high density foam, topped by a secondary layer of medium high density foam, followed by a third layer of soft high density foam. The varying comfort factors inherent in the layers of Polyflex Foam offer superior durability, recovery and service life of the seating. Lastly, the top layer is made up of the latest generation Memory Foam, which is now enhanced with cell opener and thermo-stabilising technology that provides better ventilation, while also being less sensitive to variations in ambient temperatures.”
She explains that this new seating system is located in the actual seat of the chair, and it has been designed to provide added support while sitting, even for long periods of time: “The Deluxe Comfort system is designed to offer added support while you are in a seated position – negating a lot of the load that is usually targeted at your tailbone. As a result, users will be able to stay seated for longer with minimal back strain, which imparts a significant positive boost on their spinal and overall health in the long run. The added layer of down-like Memory Foam is not only exceptionally luxurious to the touch, but it also provides effective support that is aimed at enhancing comfort. Now you can continue to enjoy personalised comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support all year round.”


A longer lifespan

Another benefit of the Deluxe Comfort System is that it offers unparalleled longevity and ease of maintenance, says Claire: “No more sagging or indentations – the layers of high density foam, topped by the Memory Foam, boasts exceptional longevity, even if it is used for hours every day. Unlike some other products, Memory Foam has the ability to regain its original shape shortly after any weight is lifted from the product. As such, it is virtually maintenance-free in that it doesn’t require any fluffing, plumping or primping – when you stand up, it will bounce back to how it looked when you bought it.”

Claire explains why Memory Foam is able to do this: “The idea of memory foam is incredibly simple – it is a very thick foam that gives way where you press on it. Technically, it’s called viscoelastic: visco (from viscous) means it moves, somewhat reluctantly, when you apply a force; elastic means it returns to its original shape when you remove the force. The foam is temperature sensitive, so it tends to sink more as your body temperature warms it up. Very quickly, it molds to your unique contours, so in theory, it provides great support for your body. Your weight is spread more evenly and the pressure is relieved on high-impact points on the body.”

Claire concludes: “La-Z-Boy’s new Urban Attitudes range is attainable, affordable, yet it is still sophisticated and trendy. Its more compact sizing will make for a better fit in smaller home spaces that would otherwise be overcrowded by bulkier seating options.”


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