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Give the gift of comfort this Christmas

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the person who has it all? Why not consider giving them the gift of comfort and relaxation by gifting them a La-Z-Boy recliner? Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, tells us why recliners make the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

12 October 2016, Johannesburg: Christmas can be the most wonderful time of year, but it can also be the worst…. You know what I am talking about – gift shopping. Finding a versatile, practical and stylish gift can often be a near-impossible task, especially if the person you are buying for has it all… However, with a comfortable and oh-so-stylish La-Z-Boy recliner, your work has been done for you. So says Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy: “La-Z-Boy offers a number of stylish recliners that will make the perfect gift for any member of the family. With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, there is a La-Z-Boy recliner to match every space and person. What’s more, is that a recliner will offer years of comfort and relaxation – making it a gift that just keeps on giving!”


Traditionally, recliners were most commonly known as a “man’s chair”, but La-Z-Boy recliners have been making inroads to change this stereotype, explains Claire: “From fun colours for your children’s game room, to slick white recliners to match a tranquil, minimalist space, to classic brown leather for the more traditional interiors, and even the motion lounge suites, today there’s a La-Z-Boy to suit everybody’s individual taste preferences. Also, the styles have changed with the times – recliners are no longer the bulky, eyesores that they were in the past. La-Z-Boy for example, offers a wide selection of streamlined, slick and contemporary designs that boast more compact profiles and attractive aesthetics. Today, there is no need for you to compromise on style for added comfort – with a La-ZBoy, you can have them both!”


So what makes a La-Z-Boy the ideal gift?

La-Z-Boy recliners boast a number of health benefits and customisable features, making it the ideal gift for that special someone that you would really like to spoil. Claire offers the following examples of who would benefit from receiving a La-Z-Boy for Christmas:

  • For back pain sufferers: La-Z-Boy recliners are proven to offer excellent back and neck support, making them ideal for people who suffer from back pain. With their high quality and resilient polyurethane foam cushioning, La-Z-Boy recliners offer excellent support for the back and specifically the lumbar in all its reclining positions.
  • For breastfeeding moms: With its supportive shape and variety of reclining positions, La-Z-Boy recliners are perfect for breastfeeding mothers. In a reclined position a mother can breastfeed with ease, in a comfortable and relaxing position. Its back support and leg rest, also make La-Z-Boy the perfect chair for pregnant woman, as it not only supports their back, but raises their legs, alleviating some of the back pain and water retention that can be caused by extra weight during pregnancy. You can also request an added rocking feature that will help lull your little one to sleep.
  • For avid gamers and committed TV viewers: As La-Z-Boy recliners offer excellent back and neck support, they are ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting. This makes them perfect for gamers, or people who enjoy watching TV, as your back is fully supported – preventing stiff necks or aching lower backs that is often the result of sitting for hours in the same position.
  • For the elderly: La-Z-Boy’s unique combination of high quality materials, supportive shape, and easy to use reclining mechanism, makes it perfect for older members of the family. With a leg rest to lift legs and improve circulation, as well smooth reclining, and a safety lock to ensure no movement in the leg rest, offers a comfortable, healthy and relaxing experience. Some of the other optional extras include a power incliner for the ultimate in automatic relaxation, and a hi-lift incliner for those who struggle to get in and out of a seated position on their own. La-Z-Boy incliners are also available with a manual Lay-Flat mechanism for 180-degree reclining comfort, and a swivel option.”
  • For anyone looking for some high-end, in-home relaxation: Stylish, stress-relieving and with 18 different reclining positions, La-Z-Boy recliners are perfect for anyone who enjoys comfort and wants to relax in style. Ideal for winding down after work or curling up with a book on the weekend, La-Z-Boy recliners provide an incomparable source of stylish relaxation.


What makes La-Z-Boy so special?

However, it must be noted that not all recliners are equal – as with everything, you get what you pay for. Says Claire: “To guarantee maximum comfort, style and durability, it is important to invest in the best quality recliner that you can afford, and to choose a reputable brand. With over 80 years to their name, La-Z-Boy has developed the ultimate in luxury reclining furniture. We are so sure of the highend quality of all La-Z-Boy products that they all come with a unique 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind and confidence.” She provides a brief outline on what features set La-Z-Boy apart from other recliners on the market:

  • Independent reclining action: With a La-Z-Boy, you can recline without opening the footrest, which means you can rock and recline with your feet on the floor.
  • Adjustable reclining tension: By adjusting the backrest tension up or down, you can customise the amount of effort is takes to recline the back of the chair.
  • Locking footrest: The La-Z-Boy footrest does not sag when it is in use, ensuring that your legs are fully supported at all times while reclining in the chair.
  • Seat tilt ratchet mechanism: This mechanism, exclusive to La-Z-Boy recliners, allows you to adjust the seat into 18 unique positions. Using this mechanism, the user can customise the position of the chair to suit their individual requirements.
  • Durable frame construction: All La-Z-Boys are constructed from solid timber and engineered framing material that is precision cut and assembled using interlocking joints for supreme durability.
  • Locking and removable back: The back of each La-Z-Boy recliner can be removed and reattached using steel slides and toggles. This makes for easy set-up and movability of the recliner.

“If you are looking to truly spoil somebody this festive season, consider buying them a La-Z-Boy recliner – it is a gift that is as practical as it is beautiful, offering a lifetime of in-home rest and relaxation. It truly is the quintessential gift that just keeps on giving,” concludes Claire.

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