Posted by the trend stalker on 28th May 2013

Go and sit in the corner and think about what you’ll do…

Transforming those awkward and bare corners into a more functional, useful and pretty area forms the purpose of this Tuesday’s post.

Since corner’s are often tricky and for this reason under-dressed or not even touched, here are a few ideas on how to occupy all corners, if you will, of your house.

Create an office space so you can slip away from the rooms commotion and get the work you need to do done without distraction.
Create an intimate space to chat.

Need a quiet corner to be on the phone perhaps? You could create a message corner to remind the family that there’s no milk.

Create a games corner – most of us, I can safely say, enjoy board games but barely make the effort to actually organise a games night with the family. A corner dedicated particularly is like a bottle of water left available, you’re bound to make use of it.


A fire place would fill the corner with all things hot – wouldn’t you say?! This could be a nice way to occupy the space with family around the fire.

For a beach home, you create an effortless, eye catching piece that requires no maintenance.
Plants are always a great corner filler, you could create a little indoor garden by putting up some shelving and a beautiful array of terrariums.


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