Posted by the trend stalker on 18th July 2012

Going for a Dip

I think I felt that collective intake of breath and gasping that those three words induced. Why would I suggest you go for a dip during one of the coldest weeks of this year’s winter? But I’m only asking that you take your furniture and accessories for a dip in paint.

Yes, that dip. Keen pinners like myself will have seen the pictures and DIY tutorials making the rounds. Beautiful pieces of two-tone furniture and kitchen utensils are the latest trend.

Paint dipping is when part of an item is put in paint of a different colour to establish contrast and give the item the “accidentally-on-purpose dropped into paint” look.

Well the trend is not so recent because in a 2010 website entry Martha Stewart talked about dip-dyeing household items.

It took almost two years for the rest of the design world to catch onto this particular trend. I’ll rephrase: it took the rise in popularity of colour-blocking in fashion for interior lovers who had a bit of fashionista in them to wonder “why can’t I colour-block my furniture other prettiness?” The answer was “of course you can!”

To give sections other than legs of big household items, like chairs and tables, the dipped look one simply covers the rest of the item and gives the desired part a little paint.

It’s a great way to give your furniture new legs…

Both literally and figuratively, sanding and a coat of paint may give an item new life but paint dipping gives an item a new focus point, and requires only a fraction of the work. It’s a happy surprise for people who pay attention to interiors to notice that the stem and base of your wine glasses has taken a turn toward the rainbow; or that your once brown dinning chairs now have creamy legs.

Do try it, and share the photographic evidence of your trend implementation with The Furnishing Touch’s trend stalking fans and friends. If you’ve already tried it, let me know how it went.

Make me proud.

Image sources: Pinterest and Centsational Girl



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