Posted by the trend stalker on 21st September 2012

Have a Great Long Weekend.

I’ve decided to keep this short, sweet and image-heavy. Of course, not just any old images but ones that will make you sigh and wish you had as much money as you did good taste. Seeing as it’s National Braai Day on Monday, my heart and mind have been stuck on beautiful outdoor spaces. Here are a just a few.

I especially enjoy the four chairs with the white cushioning.  I can see three girlfriends and myself perched on them as we enjoy sundowners and drinking in the rest of the décor.

I still get taken aback when I see braai areas like this one; so well manicured and elegant. Of course, my problem is still the lack of roofing.  A good warm day can quickly turn wet; sun is also not that great.

Monochrome elegance. Who said entertaining (and throwing a chop on the braai) couldn’t be done a place that’s on-trend?


This semi-indoor patio area is best for the unpredictable Highveld  weather.


I know a lot of city slickers will spend their braai day in urban rooftops and public entertainment areas much like these ones.


I know it’s not the height of chic but I had to include it because I have no particular plans for the long weekend, other than to sit outside and read or play a round of scrabble.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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