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La-Z-Boy announces new iClean stain-repelling fabric

Advanced fabric technology provides a barrier of protection from everyday spills.

21 April 2017, Johannesburg: La-Z-Boy is excited to be launching the revolutionary iClean upholstery fabrics in August 2017 – a new and innovative stain-repelling fabric. Says Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy South Africa: “iClean is a high-performance fabric that incorporates safe, sophisticated chemistry to protect and surround each fibre, repelling spills before they turn into stains. Everyday spills are now protected with iClean, including coffee, wine, salsa, dirt, chocolate and more.”


So how does it work? iClean fabrics are completely immersed in a stain-resistant solution, ensuring that every single fibre has been treated. This process leaves a concentrated barrier of protection, while still keeping the touch soft and luxurious.


“At La-Z-Boy, we want our customers to discover quality products that work with their life,” said Claire. “iClean represents a leap forward in a new generation of high-performance fabrics as we continually strive to develop solutions that enhance consumers’ lives.”


iClean fabric creates a barrier of protection from stains associated with children, pets and everyday life. Claire adds, “No longer do parents need to postpone owning that beautiful sofa until kids grow or move out.” For most liquid spills, the fabric can be cleaned by simply blotting the spill with a paper towel.


“Our tag line is ‘Live Life Comfortably’ and iClean will help consumers do just that by reducing the fear of stains,” said Claire. “This advanced fabric technology gives consumers a better choice for their homes and everyday living.”

The new iClean range of upholstery fabrics will be available on South African shores as from August 2017. To find out more, visit


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