Posted by the trend stalker on 19th September 2012

Mommy Storage

For some reason, we’ve become accustomed to most things with the prefix mom being bad, like mom-jeans.  You cringed, didn’t you? Hipsters will have you know that mom-jeans are back in the height of street fashion again. The subject of this post has the potential to be very exciting to all the mothers, soon-to-be mothers and even non-moms like myself will appreciate the following.

Mommy storage isn’t a place to store moms or the quality of being a mother; it’s just for mothers to keep all the cherished items their little treasures receive from baby showers on-ward.


I love books, as we’ve often discussed and I think my future bundles of joy will have an extended library to enjoy. From classics like Alice in Wonderland to contemporaries like Potter. I’m even considering keeping the fact that Harry Potter was made into films a secret until I no longer can; imagination is very precious. It’s only natural that I give nieces and nephews, friends’ kids and my godchild books, albeit the storage dilemmas I may be creating for friends.

This reclaimed wood cart on wheels is great! It looks like it would be an easy DIY. I can just see a tiny toddler dragging it around to share the books or coming from the library… wait, I did. It was Matilda.

I think I might try to build one of these for myself to store my glossy magazines.


Stepping on squeaky toys, having to play detective and recover misplaced stuffed buddies and  slinkies (do they still make slinkies?) Toy storage is a great feature and it even provides an outlet for discipline. One of my friends (mother to two boys six and three) always says that if a toy isn’t put back in its rightful place, it’s forfeited by the owner.

These baskets aren’t expensive at all in places like China town, and stores like PEP where bargains are King.

This looks like great way to control playtime, well until they discover climbing onto things, that is.

Art Supplies

I think I’ll be a “let’s craft” kind of mommy; with weekly drawing and hosting mini- art projects. I really like this table and how the supplies are displayed and stored at the same time.

I like the storage in this room, it makes me think of sailors

Do you have any DIY projects or any other storage ideas for moms? Please share in the comments section.


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