Posted by the trend stalker on 30th September 2011

Nights in white satin – and linen and cotton

The Furnishing Touch received its first fan mail this week!

Well okay, it was actually more of a request than a “my life wouldn’t be the same if I missed a post” mail. But still, this Trend Stalker is pretty excited.

The request came in the form of eight photos of predominantly white bedrooms, with a “please talk about these?” tacked onto the end. Alrightie then – ’cos what’s not to love about these dreamy spaces?


For years, I rebelled against the idea of a white bedroom. Having two exuberant, mud-loving Spaniels had a lot to do with it, but I also found the concept somewhat sterile and, to be honest, a bit bland. But here’s proof that white linen can be mixed with (practical) dark florals for a warm, romantic look.

black floral

I have always loved old-fashioned roses but pictured them as the domain of elderly spinsters. Pairing them with crisp white was something I never thought about until I saw this idea (thanks, adoring fan). These blown roses are deluxe vintage but, against their pared-back greige and white canvas, are also delightfully up-to-date. The look is romantic, without being too girly. I might just try it!

fresh flowers

Do you hear me saying “romantic” a lot here? Well, here it comes again … I just can’t think of another word for this off-white boudoir.

One room with endless styles eclectic bedroom

And as for this delicate guest room, with its rose-white walls, pastel accents and powder-puff cushions …

Dreamy Whites eclectic bedroomDreamy Whites eclectic bedroom

Part Bedouin tent, part hippie retreat, this white bedroom almost defies description. Minimalist yet luxurious. Eccentric but practical. I like that there are two duvets – no more fighting for a few extra square centimetres. But what really appeals to me is that the unmade bed actually adds to the room’s character. When I try this it just looks untidy.

gyspy tent

And lastly, this tranquil room simply wouldn’t work in any colour but white. The polished Oregon pine floor keeps it from looking clinical, and the repurposed wooden items (pallet bed-base and window-frame headboard) add a touch of quirkiness.

arch window

So, adoring fan, I hope you like your post. And I hope that this inspiration finds its way into a few other homes as well. I, for one, have vintage florals and luxurious white linen on my lust-have list.

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