Posted by the trend stalker on 22nd March 2012

Odd chair out

Ever have the feeling that you’re the odd person out at a dinner party? The one whose loud shirt, OTT sparklies or green toenails are commented on by all the “beige people”? The one whose vibrant personality and colourful jokes make the other guests seem pale in comparison? The one who everyone remembers and, secretly, slightly envies?

I love being that odd, eccentric, stand-out person.

I also love incorporating elements like these into my décor. I call it the “one odd chair theory”. I find it amazing how one mismatched chair makes a room sizzle and zing.

My odd chair is a purple and green velour tub armchair that I bought at a second-hand shop for about 100ZAR. It sounds hideous and maybe it is (although I did strip the lilac metallic paint off the legs – that was a bit much, even for me).  But it contrasts beautifully with my modular black leather sofas. Its curves and colours add excitement to what could otherwise be a very bland room. It’s a focal point as well as a talking point.

An odd chair needn’t be loud. It shouldn’t overpower everything else in the room. But it should have a “wow factor”. It must be special and different.

Take this gorgeous example of whimsy, for example:

And now imagine it positioned across from a charcoal-coloured, angular sofa.

"Townhouse" by Grafton Everest

Replace the red scatter cushions with deeper grey accents. Keep the windows and view if you have them, but otherwise paint a grounding feature wall in greige. Add some silver-framed mirrors and black-and-white prints of your favourite family photos. An over-sized crystal lamp. A luxe throw. And then position the chair. Ta-daa!

If your décor scheme tends more towards the brown tones …

"Grande" by Grafton Everest

Think on-trend teal for your odd chair out.

"Splash" by Grafton Everest

And then double up the trend frenzy by accenting with shades of coral in contrasting patterns.


Is your sofa neutral?

"Lindley" by Grafton Everest

Go wild!

The great thing about investing in one odd chair is that you’re buying one – not a set of six. So the investment really isn’t that huge. And if you buy quality, you can always have it re-upholstered when you tire of it. Your options for oddity are endless!




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