Posted by the trend stalker on 9th September 2011

On the shelf

I love – and collect – books and wine glasses. I’d love to say that I collect wine as well but that all seems to get drunk before it can reasonably be called a “collection”. But, in my squeezed-for-space flat, my one rack of shelves is now crammed to bursting and I’m looking for another storage solution.

I want something a bit more trend-forward than another straight-up-and-down pine unit. And – oh my word! – just check out what’s available out there …


Imagine being greeted by this smiley guy every day! Clearly, the slanted surfaces aren’t ideal for glassware but, as far as books go, they’re perfect. I’m thinking that my Terry Pratchett Discworld series, with its left-of-centre wit and side-splitting humour would feel quite at home on this.

Mother City-based architect Aram Lello won an award for this Verhext bookshelf (below), which he designed for both open and small spaces. Available in a range of colours to match any decor trend, it can be attached to a wall or used in the middle of a room.


Wanna see the really cool part? It converts into seating for unexpected guests! And – in this permutation, it looks custom-made to stash wine bottles in …


Another architect-designed shelf, this Bias of Thought installation, is food for thought indeed.


How on Earth …? Oh. Glass.

I don’t know what kind of structural or load-bearing testing has been done by designer Clarke Hopkins Clarke but I must be honest, this idea looks to me as though it’s more suited for admiration than tons of design tomes. Please don’t get me wrong, though. I absolutely love it.

I found the picture on Design is a Good Idea on Facebook – a must-have resource for decoristas. It’s collection of blogs and, well, ideas, on art, design, architecture and interiors from around the world. Hey, maybe you’ll see the Trendstalker featured there someday!

Another Facebook resource for shelving and other trending decor comes by way of a group called Interior Designs. Tilting, tipping, almost-tumbling, square, spiral, slanted … if you can think it, they have a shelf that interprets it. My favourites? The running man – I kid you not! – and the “shelf” shelf. The heartbeat also makes my heart beat a little faster – it’s just so clever.

Speaking of clever … just look at this built-in shelving from Grafton Everest.


And if you’re looking for a clever solution for a kiddies room, Luke’s Big Ideas can transform just about any image, theme or idea into shelving.

But getting back to my mini-library dilemma, I think that this proudly South African design would bring the zing-factor into my entrance hall. And, it’s yellow!


Although manufacturer Rosiatti can also deliver it in any colour in the spectrum. So if you’re a fan of Plascon’s 2012 forecast, you can get it in Lime Mist, Toffee Fudge, Dusk of Day or whichever hue best suits your room.

And now, I’m going to pour me a glass of wine – hmmm, some Hill&Dale Dry Rosé Merlot, for this almost-warm spring evening, methinks – and contemplate my options. I thought that writing about what’s on the shelf would make this decision easier. All it’s really done is bring home how spoilt for choice I am.

This may call for two glasses of wine.

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