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Posted by the trend stalker on 12th October 2016

A moving experience

There is little that can compare to kicking back in a comfy recliner after a stressful day. However, finding the right recliner to fit your body, budget and style is not that easy. Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, offers some advice on what to consider when looking for the perfect recliner.

28 August 2016, Johannesburg: Today’s recliners offer a surprising variety of new features and come in a range of styles, from classical to contemporary. However, even with the ever-growing assortment of recliner styles on the market, choosing a recliner involves more than just aesthetics – you also need to consider size, shape, fit and comfort. Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, offers the low-down on what to look for when investing in a recliner:

Consider size: Before you go shopping, make sure you have a clear idea of how much physical space you have allotted for the new recliners. Aside from floor space, you also need to think about which size will fit your body shape best. Says Claire: “If space is at a premium, you may want to consider investing in an incliner, instead of a recliner, as it can be positioned very close to the wall behind and hence, requires much less floor space. Instead of the backrest moving backwards like a recliner, the seat of the incliner moves forward, allowing the backrest to tilt back.”

Consider comfort: When it comes to recliners, comfort is arguably the most important consideration, as this is what differentiates it from an ordinary chair. The only way to work out if a recliner is comfortable is to try it out for a minimum of five minutes. See how it fits, if your feet touch the ground, if the armrests are positioned at a comfortable angle, and if the footrest, seat and back support your entire body. Claire explains: “La-Z-Boy recliners are sprung for complete body and lumbar support in all 18 positions, as well as a duvet cover seat with calf support on the leg rest for optimum comfort and durability. La-ZBoy incliners and suites also boast unique seating technology with added memory foam.”

Consider durability: Claire notes that any good quality recliner should last for a minimum of 10 years or more. She says that it is important to check out how the recliner is made: “Look at the bones of a recliner to make sure that they have been well crafted and are made from good quality, solid materials. La-Z-Boy recliners for example, boast a 4-sided unibody frame design, crafted from superior Radiata hardwood and steel for lasting durability. We are so sure of the quality of our recliners, that all La-Z-Boy furniture comes with a unique 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.”

Consider style: For many, the thought of choosing a bulky recliner that would compliment your existing décor scheme seems like “Mission Impossible”. However, today, recliners are available in a wide variety of modern designs and updated styles to suit any high-end interior, says Claire: “Gone are the days of clumsy, bulky recliners that although were comfortable, were also an eyesore. Today, La-Z-Boy has gone to great lengths to ensure that their customers have a wide range of styles to choose from that will complement any well composed décor composition. They also offer a wide range of high-end upholstery choices – ranging from genuine leather, through to a wide variety of luxurious upholstery options. At the end of the day, it’s all about offering high-end good looks, with comfort levels to suit.”

Consider added luxuries: Modern recliners can be ordered with a variety of added features to improve your reclining comfort, notes Claire: “A rocker option comes as a standard feature on all La-Z-Boy recliners, which is an especially useful addition for new mothers. Some of the other optional extras include a power incliner for the ultimate in automatic relaxation, and a hi-lift incliner for those who struggle to get in and out of a seated position on their own. La-Z-Boy incliners are also available with the a manual Lay-Flat mechanism for 180- degree reclining comfort, and a swivel option.”

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Posted by the trend stalker on 12th October 2016

Enjoy a luxury home cinema experience

Claire Gibson from leading motion-seating brand, La-Z-Boy, provides her top things to consider when investing in home theatre seating.

21 July 2016, Johannesburg: For many, owning your own in-home theatre is what dreams are made of – it doesn’t get better than being able to enjoy cinemaquality entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Although many people do a lot of research regarding the audio-visual equipment that is required for such a set-up, it is important to remember that when it comes to home cinemas, the seating is just as important as the technology.

Says Claire Gibson from leading motion seating brand, La-Z-Boy: “Anybody who has sat through the Star Wars Trilogy on uncomfortable seating, and ended up sounding like Chewbacca at the end of the ordeal, will understand just how important choosing the right seating for your home cinema is. The fact is that you will be seated for a minimum of the duration of a full-length movie, which is on average between one and a half, to two hours long. As such, it is important to choose seating that is not only comfortable, but something that supports your body correctly, as well as being stylish and durable.

“La-Z-Boy motion seating is the ideal choice for any in-home cinema. We offer specific home theatre suites that offer everything you need for enjoying a cinema-quality theatre experience in the comfort of your own home – except for the popcorn machine!”

She offers the following considerations that ought to be reviewed before making your final purchase decision:

1.) Measure up
Before you can start the selection process, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the size of the room in question. Once you have measured up your home theatre room, you can start to work out what space you have for seating. Remember that you can’t place the seats too close to the screen, as it will decrease the viewing quality. You also shouldn’t sit too far from the screen, as it will make it difficult to appreciate the high definition. There are many different, very technical calculations that are required to determine the optimal viewing distance in a space, however, for the average person, it is easier to use a specified calculator from the Internet, such as the following one that is free to use: Note that, depending on the size of your room and television, an optimal viewing distance may be impossible to achieve – which is why you must remember to invest in an appropriately sized television before you buy the seating.

2.) Comfort considerations
Motion furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to sit in your motion furniture and give it a “test drive” for comfort before making any purchase decisions. After all, if this is the seating you are going to choose for your home theatre, you are going to be sitting in it for extended periods of time. See how the seating fits the contours of your body and assess how comfortable it is. Any motion furniture should be easy to operate and smooth in movement. It should also offer various sitting positions for optimum comfort and utilisation – the back and footrest of any La-Z-Boy recliner for example, reclines individually to provide a total of 18 different comfort positions. They also boast one continuous reclining surface, which guarantees full body and lumbar support in all 18 positions. For added safety, its footrest can be locked in three different positions.

3.) Get the look
Of course, aesthetics are an important consideration as well. Cinema seating comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and upholstery options. Today, they needn’t be the traditional chunky designs of the past, as there is motion seating that boasts streamlined and contemporary aesthetics. Upholstery is another extremely key consideration. Leather is the most expensive, and it is easy to understand why – it is beautiful to look at, comfortable to sit in, easy to clean, and incredibly durable. However, if leather is just not in your budget, today there are a number of faux leather options that look exactly like the real thing and offer all the benefits of genuine leather, but at a much more affordable price point. Of course, traditional fabric upholstery is also a winner regarding comfort and style, and it is especially recommended in very hot and humid areas.

4.) Choose a well known brand
For added peace of mind, it is important to choose a brand that has earned a reputation for providing comfort and quality that lasts. Fly-by-nighters might offer cinema seating at more affordable prices, but the quality of this seating cannot be guaranteed. La-Z-Boy for example, remains one of the world’s most recognised and trusted furniture brands and it is available in a wide variety of selected retailers throughout South Africa. All La-Z-Boy furniture comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Posted by the trend stalker on 8th June 2016

Things to avoid when investing in a Hi-Lift incliner

Claire Gibson, from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, offers some insight into the top things to avoid when investing in a Hi-Lift incliner.

30 June 2016, Johannesburg: Do you suffer from any ailments that affect your comfort when getting in, sitting in or rising out of a chair? Do you need to be able to sleep in your chair occasionally? Do you need a little bit of help when rising out of a chair? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then an electrically operated Hi-Lift incliner, such as those from La-Z-Boy, would be a very beneficial investment for you.

Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, explains what makes Hi-Lift incliners such a popular and helpful choice of seating for those with ailments and the elderly: “With a mere push of a button, the Hi-Lift incliner will automatically recline into a relaxing position. When you are ready to stand up, you press a button, and the chair will automatically lift and tilt to help you to your feet – standing up out of your chair will not require any physical effort at all. It also offers support when you are sitting down – the incliner will rise to meet you, and then gently lower you into a full sitting position.”

She says that La-Z-Boy Hi-Lift incliners have been engineered to provide you with the smoothest, most secure motion. The frame-in-frame La-Z-Boy design also guarantees quiet, dependable operation and keeps mechanisms safely hidden, for optimum styling and good looks.

When it comes to Hi-Lift incliners, there are many options to choose from, however, it is important to remember that not all brands are created equal. Says Claire: “When it comes to motion furniture, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. However, when it comes to choosing mobility-enhancing furniture, it is especially important to choose something that is of a good quality, as it will not only guarantee maximum return on your investment, but it will also impact on your overall wellbeing and comfort.”

For those interested in investing in a Hi-Lift incliner, Claire recommends the following considerations:

  • Supreme support: Check out whether the seating offers complete lumbar support to your entire body in all positions, even when reclining, as it has been scientifically proven that this helps to reduce back pain. Those who suffer from back pain associated with muscle strain or degenerative changes for example, can benefit from taking advantage of reclining in high-end motion incliners. La-Z-Boy incliners boast a duvet seat cover with calf support on the leg rest for optimum comfort. In fact, the La-Z-Boy Hi-Lift incliners offer such good support that it is one of the few brands endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, as well as the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.
  • A good fit: Just like any incliner, it is imperative that the chair fits your particular body size. This is very important because the larger the chair, the deeper the seat cushion. Choose a chair that’s too big and your legs may not touch the floor when sitting straight up. Choose a model that’s too small and your lower back area might not respond well. As such, try out the incliner to make sure that it offers a good fit.
  • Choice of uphosltery: Choose the upholstery wisely – if you live in a hot and humid climate, perhaps leather is not the best option as it will be a little sweaty. However, if you would like something that is easy to clean and offers maximum longevity, then leather is a great option. La-Z-Boy for example, is available in a wide variety of upholstery options, which include fabric, leather-uppers and full leather options – so you can customise this seating to suit your personal preferences, taste and budget.
  • Guaranteed longevity: Find out how the units are constructed, and what they are made from. Also, the guarantee on each unit is a good indicator of what kind of quality you are investing in. La-Z-Boy incliners boast a 4-sided Unibody frame design crafted of superior Radiata hardwood and steel for lasting durability. All La-Z-Boys come with a unique 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind and confidence.
  • Proudly South African: Try and source something that is manufactured locally, as this not only supports the local economy and creates jobs for South Africans, but it will ensure that spare parts and after-sales service are readily available if required.


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Posted by the trend stalker on 7th March 2016

Bravo! Here’s to the widest selection of furniture under one roof!

Leading lounge furniture brand, La-Z-Boy, is manufactured locally under licence in South Africa. It has just launched a brand new range of motion furniture at its newly renovated showroom in Johannesburg.

26 February 2016, Johannesburg: In February 2016, La-Z-Boy, along with four other furniture brands operating under The Bravo Group umbrella, launched new furniture ranges in their newly renovated and upgraded Johannesburg showroom. Says Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy South Africa: “We are incredibly excited about the new showroom, as it provides a great means of showcasing the La-Z-Boy range to the trade and the public alike. Also, considering there are four other brands operating under the same umbrella group who are also using the same showroom, including Alpine Lounge, Grafton Everest, Gommagomma and Global Sourcing, the Johannesburg showroom offers consumers and trade alike the means of viewing the widest selection of furniture in the country!”



La-Z-Boy in South Africa

Claire explains that La-Z-Boy South Africa ensures the same high-end designer aesthetics and quality that its overseas counterparts do: “The La-Z-Boy brand is the leading manufacturer of motion furniture in the world, and it is manufactured here under strict quality-control to ensure only the highest standards are met with regards to durability, value, design and longevity. We are so sure of La-Z-Boy’s high-end quality that we offer a 10-year limited warranty on all our products – offering consumers access to high-end international comfort, good looks and quality, as well as peace of mind that they have invested in exclusive furniture that is of an international standard.”

Since Alpine Lounge were given the rights to manufacture La-Z-Boy in South Africa under licence in 2012, the La-Z-Boy brand has gone from strength to strength and has become a sought after brand in South Africa. Claire says that even in today’s recessionary times, the La-Z-Boy brand has faired exceptionally well in the local market and continues to show impressive levels of growth: “The bottom line is that South Africans love the La-Z-Boy brand, and they understand that if they invest in a La-Z-Boy, they are investing in the best motion furniture money can buy. Since La-Z-Boy was first launched here four years ago – it has gone from strength to strength, and has made strong inroads in the local market. We are expecting demand to maintain its upward curve as La-Z-Boy’s popularity continues to show impressive growth.”

La-Z-Boy furniture is sold in South Africa through furniture retailers countrywide. Consumers can find retailers closest to them by visiting However, as an added service, consumers can now visit the Bravo Group’s Johannesburg showroom and browse through the La-Z-Boy product range at their leisure to get a full understanding of the extensive products available to them. Dedicated showroom staff are always available to advise what options are available to them with regards to style, size and upholstery, and then advise on which retailer is the most convenient for them. Says Claire: “Often, retailers only stock limited La-Z-By ranges, however, if consumers would like to see the entire range and select one that best suits their style, needs and budget, before they make their final decision – then the showroom offers them the convenience to view the ranges all under one roof.”



A little history about the La-Z-Boy brand

Almost a century ago, two American cousins, Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker, joined together to design a chair that has added both comfort and enjoyment to the lives of millions of families around the world. What began in the small community of Monroe, Michigan in the USA, has today developed into a global organisation with manufacturing facilities and distribution centres that reach around the world. One thing still remains the same after all these years however, is the La-Z-Boy commitment to comfort, quality and value.

Although their customers could sit back and relax, the La-Z-Boy brand couldn’t simply rest on its laurels after having pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind. Over the next seven decades since the inception of the first recliner in 1927, La-Z-Boy innovated, improved and broadened its range. Its reputation for comfort, quality and desirability has spread across the world, where La-Z-Boy has become the generic name for all recliners.



The La-Z-Boy secret to living life comfortably

When it comes to comfort, La-Z-Boy is really in a class of its own. The moment you sit back and relax on a La-Z-Boy, you’ll realize that not all reclining furniture is created equal. Sure, La-Z-Boy furniture boasts updated, modern designer aesthetics, with only the most premium leather and fabric upholstery, but that’s just the surface attraction. The quality construction, the exclusive La-Z-Boy mechanism, and deep, delicious comfort are the impressions that really last – because, after all, it’s what’s inside that really counts.

No other recliner offers all these exclusive features:

  • The most reclining positions: Back and footrest recline individually to provide 18 comfort levels. You can move from slightly reclined to full layout position, with the footrest raised to elevate your legs and feet for improved circulation.
  • Patented La-Z-Boy® mechanism: For the smoothest reclining motion featuring adjustable reclining tensions that allow you to customise the amount of effort needed to recline based on your individual body type.
  • Total body and lumbar support: Only La-Z-Boy recliners are designed to provide complete support for your body and lumbar areas in all reclining positions.
  • Secure three-position locking footrest: Offers a choice of comfort and locks for safety and support.
  • Superior frame construction: Only La-Z-Boy recliners have a patented four-sided unibody designed for long lasting durability.



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Posted by the trend stalker on 19th February 2016

The future of seating

Today, motion seating is a major trend in residential décor, and it is understandable
why – not only does good quality modern motion furniture offer high-tech, tailored
and constructed access to seating comfort and convenience, but it is also
aesthetically pleasing and good for your overall wellbeing. Claire Gibson, from
world-leading motion furniture manufacturers, La-Z-Boy, offers us an explanation
05 February 2016, Johannesburg: Sitting is something that we do a lot of, which is why it is such a hot topic amongst designers, researchers and health specialists alike. The seating in your home needs to look good, it needs to be functional, and it needs to offer healthy and ergonomic support for your body. So says Claire Gibson, from world-leading motion furniture manufacturers, La-Z-Boy: “Today it is no longer acceptable to invest in seating just because it looks good – it needs to be comfortable and it is expected to offer true ergonomic support for your body as well, especially if you are sitting in it for any length of time.”


The duality of sitting

The act of sitting seems quite simple – just bend your knees and put your bottom in the seat. However, it is a little more complicated than that – it involves a
number of complex structures, including bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, joints and nerves. In fact, sitting is inherently a dynamic activity, because even
when we are sitting, our bodies are constantly moving. Claire explains: “Sitting entails motion, balance, position, posture and control. It involves both large motions, such as moving our arms and our legs, and small motions that allow us to maintain balance and change position slightly. And, when it comes to sitting, it is the ability to cater for both these macro- and micromotions that are essential for our overall wellbeing.” The only truly effective means of maintaining a seated position for any length of time is to be able to adjust for optimum comfort by continuously moving through a range of natural, centred and healthy positions. This requires a chair that allows users to dynamically shift between a range of stable postures. This is where motion seating is really ground-breaking, says Claire: “Any recliner worth its salt should offer various sitting positions for optimum comfort and utilisation
– the back and footrest of any La-Z-Boy recliner for example, reclines individually to provide a total of 18 different comfort positions.
“You can move from slightly reclined to a full layout position, with the footrest raised to elevate your legs and feet for improved circulation. They have one continuous reclining surface, which guarantees full body and lumbar support in all 18 positions. For added safety, its footrest can be locked in three different


A true fit

Claire says that well designed motion furniture Pits to people, instead of the other way around: “High-end motion furniture, such as La-Z-Boy recliners for example, offer full body support – from the head and neck, the upper back, lumbar region, right down to your legs and feet. This support is maintained no matter which position you are seated in, and it goes a long way to reduce any strain and pressure on your spine, legs and neck – ultimately promoting a healthy way of enjoying some good old fashioned R&R!” So much so in fact, that well designed recliners have been noted as a good alleviator for back pain – this according to a survey of 300 primary care physicians across the United States (US), which was conducted by the LCWA Research Group. In the survey, 7 out of 10 primary care physicians in the US agreed that sitting in a fully supported reclined position at home could help to minimise back pain and discomfort. Says Claire: “La-Z-Boy recliners are the ideal solution for easing everyday aches and pains, such as back pain for example. In fact, they offer such effective total body and lumbar support, that they have been fully endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.”

What to look for

So what are the things to look for when investing in a recliner that will offer access to healthy sitting comfort? Claire offers the following pointers – a good
recliner should do the following:
Support a person’s body: Any good quality recliner or incliner should suit your
individual body shape, height and weight for optimum support. With regards to
motion furniture, the level of comfort is directly associated to the user’s
measurements and weight. The patented La-Z-Boy mechanism for example,
provides the smoothest reclining motion and allows you to adjust the reclining
tensions so that you can customise the amount of effort needed to operate the
recliner, based on your individual body type. The La-Z-Boy incliners also boast an
easy-action latch release that is set Plush in the side panels of the recliner, as well
as adjustable footrest tension for customised comfort.
Support activity: A chair should support all the activities in which people
engage, not just one primary activity. La-Z-Boy recliners for example, offer great
support for hundreds of different past-times, including watching television,
movies and sports, breastfeeding, gaming, knitting, and reading, to name just a
Promote movement: Any seating solution should encourage and even promote
natural movements of the body while you are using it. “La-Z-Boy recliners are
able to move with the user – making it easy for them to adjust their position until
they have achieved optimum comfort.”
Enhance ease of use: Any recliner should be easy to use – offering Pluid and
Plexible operation, as well as an unconstrained and dynamic response to your
body’s sitting needs. Also, the controls that offer active adjustment should be
simple to understand and operate that the user can get right the Pirst time they
sit in the chair.
“Seating should go beyond just conforming to the dimensional criteria of your
body – it should Pit the people who sit in it, providing support for a wide variety
of body types, motions, positions and activities. A truly well designed chair, such
as those from La-Z-Boy for example, does all of this, as well as being easy and safe
to use, long-lasting, and they offer a timeless elegance that will stand the test of
time,” concludes Claire.

Posted by the trend stalker on 16th December 2015

Form in motion

14 December 2015, Johannesburg: The latest motion furniture is no longer the frumpy and faded designs we think of from the past. Amazing advances in technology and a plethora of customisable features have brought motion furniture straight into the New Age. Claire Gibson, from La-Z-Boy, the company that pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, shares her insight on how improved styling and superior functionality is making motion furniture hotter than ever before.
Take cover

As the saying goes, we ‘shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’. But whether it’s a book or an armchair, it doesn’t hurt to have something that looks as good on the outside, as it does on the inside. “La-Z-Boy armchairs have always been at the forefront when it comes to high quality mechanisms and construction methods. But with an ever growing variety of upholstery options available to customers, the aesthetics of La-Z-Boy recliners can now also reflect their superior internal workings,” nods Claire, adding “beneath all the pretty upholstery lies a sturdy frame with robust springs and quality grade memory foam for extra comfort and durability that will withstand day-to-day use.”

La-Z-Boy recliners come in premium materials such as leather, which is incredibly luxurious and long lasting, and fabric upholstery, which is available in a wide assortment of colours and patterns to suit any interior. “If you have your heart set on genuine leather, but the price point is a bit more than you can afford, why not consider investing in seating with genuine leather uppers? This way, all the areas of the seat that you come into contact with, such as the back, seat and arms, are upholstered in genuine leather, while the rest of the seating, such as the back and sides, are covered in a matching faux leather, which makes this option a much more affordable option,” points out Claire.

Size matters

Homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that the furniture that goes in them should too. Traditionally, motion furniture has been rather bulky and oversized, taking up a lot of space, but nowadays motion furniture is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit countless space and lifestyle requirements.

One such example is La-Z-Boy’s introduction of the modular sofas, which can be configured and used in a multitude of ways. “Some of our sofa units have daybeds incorporated into them, which provides a prefect place to put your feet up or for guests to spend the night. Each segment of our motion suites can recline independently from the rest of the unit, enabling it to be adjusted to each individuals ideal comfort levels,” explains Claire. She points out that all La-Z-Boy recliners offer a whopping 18 reclining and 3 footrest positions that help ease back, neck, leg, and feet pain.

There are still single-seater recliners on offer of course, but they are also now available in slimmer silhouettes to suit more compact spaces and homes with clean modern lines. “La-Z-Boy’s introduction of downsized styles has really pushed the boundaries, offering more functionality and style in one slim package, exactly what today’s customers are looking for,” says Claire.
Fine Finishes

Tactile elements make all the difference when it comes to a quality furniture piece. Says Claire: “Customers are no longer satisfied with run-of-the-mill finishes that lack luster and finesse. They have developed a keen eye for the finer details, and expect furniture manufacturers to create products that are up to par.” La-Z-Boy is one such manufacturer – offering customers unique high-end finishes, such as chrome and wooden detailing. La-Z-Boy has even gone a step further, offering various customisable features, such as cubbyhole-like storage compartments for keeping controls neatly hidden away when not in use for example.

La-Z-Boy has set the bar high by offering customers their unique 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind and confidence. It covers the frame, mechanism, electrical components, foam, and upholstery, making it one of the finest guarantees in the market.

About La-Z-Boy in SA

The La-Z-Boy range is available throughout South Africa at specially appointed La-Z-Boy furniture retailers. Visit to find a retailer closest to you.

Alternatively, you can visit their new showroom to view La-Z-Boy’s range of suites and upholstery options all under one roof, located at corner Main Reef and Avon Road, Longdale Extension 2, Johannesburg, 2042.


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Seating trends you’ll love…

23 November 2015, Johannesburg: If you’re in the market for a new sofa or armchair, then it’s important to take into consideration the latest trends that are defining the furniture design scene. Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy, the company that pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, offers an overview of what’s turning heads in today’s market when it comes to all things seating-related:

On the recline

Whether it’s a traditional reclining chair or the ultimate La-Z-Boy motion furniture suite, recliners are increasingly popular seating options for homes with young and old family members alike. “Motion furniture is an ideal fit for the whole family, from breast feeding mothers, to sports loving men, game-playing kids, and the elderly aging gracefully,” notes Claire, who believes La-Z-Boy’s success is thanks to it’s high quality construction and unmatched comfort. Not only does La-Z-Boy’s perfected design and 18 reclining positions ease back and neck pain, but the three footrest positions helps to take pressure off your legs, feet and ankles. “In a modern world where daily demands are high, what more could you ask for but to kick back and relax in complete comfort and style,” she smiles.


Natural elements

Green is the new black, and what better way to participate in this longstanding trend than by incorporating natural elements, such as wood, rattan and cane into your home furnishings.

“We’re seeing the use of natural wood accents throughout the home, it’s becoming the material of choice, particularly for furniture,” points out Claire, adding “Wood brings sense of depth and earthiness due to it’s innate imperfections, tactile texture and rustic nature. And when combined with fabric or leather upholstery, it creates a striking contrast.”

Light toned blond woods such as Oak are ever popular as they pay homage to nature but in a light, subtle and chic way, making it ideal for a modern home that where lightness and openness are emphasised.

“The wood trend is so versatile as it goes with almost all interiors, and can be introduced in small details, such as the armrest of the Norman La-z-Boy recliner pictured below for example, or in larger design elements such as a wood paneled wall. You just can’t go wrong,” nods Claire.


Structured style

In complete contrast to the natural elements and organic lines of the aforementioned trend, is that of highly structured seating with masculine appeal. Think sturdy upholstery such as black leather, finished with striking details in chrome or nickel, such as La-Z-Boy’s static Ascot sofa shown below. “Set in an uncluttered open-plan space in muted tones, a modern structured sofa is sure to make a statement. Team it with a glass coffee table and geometric rug for a look that’s right on trend,” suggests Claire.

Feeling cornered

Although the traditional 3-2-1 lounge suite has been a mainstay of homes for decades, there is a very popular newcomer to the scene that has been taking the sofa world by storm for quite some time. – the corner sofa. Also referred to as the L-shaped sofa or modular sofa, this type of couch has risen in popularity over the years and in some circumstances, even replaced the traditional sofa in many people’s homes.

Says Claire: “The main reason that corner sofas have become so popular is because of their practical design, and the fact that they provide an excellent space-saving solution. Modern homes are getting increasingly smaller, and the corner sofa has the ability to cater to all seating requirements in one compact piece of furniture. It can cater to a number of different requirements – you can work and eat on it, socialise on it and it offers a place for someone to sleep.” 

Also, Claire notes that traditional sofas were often sat upon in an upright position, normally facing the TV or fireplace – since everybody would be facing in the same direction, it would hinder the ability to chat to other family members or guests: “The corner sofa, such as La-Z-Boy’s Michigan corner suite, has solved this problem, as its design offers a more sociable and comfortable seating experience.”

Michigan Corner-731

About La-Z-Boy in SA

The La-Z-Boy range is available throughout South Africa at specially appointed La-Z-Boy furniture retailers. For more information about La-Z-Boy’s range of motion and static furniture, or to find a retailer closest to you, visit

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Game on!

5 October 2015, Johannesburg: Getting overly involved in your videogames? Whilst this may lead to a neglected social life, there are more perilous physical consequences. Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy, the company that pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, explains the problems that can be faced by gamers sitting for hours on end, and what changes you can make to prevent them.

The risks

Our modern lifestyles have lead to many people sitting for the majority of their day. “Think about it – we sit in our cars or on public transport, we sit at our desks at work, we sit in meetings, we sit while we eat, we sit while we watch TV or play video games, and the list goes on,” points out Claire. The problem is that our bodies aren’t built to sit for such long periods of time, and the effects can be detrimental to our health.

Our spine is designed to move, and it’s that very movement that keeps it lubricated and healthy. Sitting for prolonged periods puts the body on standby mode, resulting in a slowed metabolism, decreased circulation, shortened muscles, strained joints, and constricted digestion and oxygen flow. Not only can this lead to health issues such as weight gain, and in more extreme cases, cardiovascular disease, but it also impairs concentration, which is essential to top performance game playing.

Whilst we may not be able to change how long we sit for, we can pay more attention to how we sit, particularly whilst gaming. “Gamers often start out with a good upright back, but progressively slump and slide down their chairs as time passes. Gamers also tend to lean in, protracting the neck, rounding the shoulders, squinting eyes and straining facial muscles,” points out Claire. She notes how this puts strain on the spine and joints in the neck, resulting in shoulder pain, headaches and even pinched nerves down the arm.
The solution

Good posture is key to a less pain-filled body. “When your bones, joints and muscles aren’t in neutral they stress and overwork to compensate for this,” says Claire. She firmly believes that choosing an adequately supportive chair is the first step in the right direction. “La-Z-Boy recliners have long been the pinnacle of seating for TV watchers and gamers alike. And it’s no wonder, as they are the comfiest and most supportive seats in the house,” nods Claire.

La-Z-Boy recliners are particularly great for gamers because they’re freestanding and can be easily moved to the optimal screen viewing distance, as opposed to a substantially sized sofa that remains in one position permanently. “Gamers should avoid craning their necks or contorting their bodies in weird angles to view the screen properly. Ideally they should be sitting in a comfortable chair that is directly in line with, and a good distance from, the screen so they don’t have to lean in and strain their neck and eyes,” points out Claire. She suggests arranging your seating and equipment to promote a neutral and relaxed body posture.
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Movement is also essential to wellbeing. La-Z-Boy’s PowerRecliner’s are the ultimate gamers chairs as they have the ability to slide back into a more comfortable position that supports the lumber spine, particularly for gamers who are chair bound for prolonged periods. “Sitting in a reclined position relieves pressure whilst supporting your legs and back. In addition, La-Z-Boy recliners enable you to change your seating position according to your needs, with up to 18 different comfort positions. So you can go from slightly reclined to a full laying position, with the footrest raised to elevate your legs and feet for improved circulation.” explains Claire.

She believes that a supremely comfortable and supportive seated or reclining position can go a long way to help you avoid discomfort and relieve competition-induced tension and fatigue. “Despite it’s level of mental engagement, gaming tends to be an entirely sedentary activity. So if you’re a serious gamer, then there’s no doubt that a La-Z-Boy is the chair you should be sitting in!”

Sitting tips for gamers:

“Let’s face it, sitting and gaming for prolonged periods of time can lead to numerous physical ailments, but there’s no need for you to give up on gaming just yet,” smiles Claire. Here are some tips on how to create a healthier gaming experience whilst racking in top scores:

• Alignment: Assume a neutral posture by shifting your pelvis forward, straightening your back, lifting your chest, rolling your shoulders down, and lengthening your neck.
• Position: Place your screen at the correct height and angle to avoid straining or twisting your neck for extended periods.
• Stretch: Stretch your neck, back, arms, hands and legs at least every 30 minutes to relieve tension and encourage circulation. Try doing this while watching others play or during pauses within a game.
• Balance: Keep both feet flat on the ground or raised on a cushioned footrest. Avoid crossing your legs, sitting on one leg, or sitting with one foot higher than the other.
• Breaks: Avoid marathon gaming sessions, and be sure to step away from your game, taking a little walk at regular intervals.
• Cords: Make sure your cords are long enough to reach your chair comfortably so you don’t have to lean forward and strain your neck.
• Relax: Keep your face, shoulders, arms and hands relaxed. Support your arms on arm rests or let them fall relaxed at the sides of your body.
• Glare: Minimise eyestrain by avoiding glare. Reposition strong lights and use blinds or curtains to control light levels. Also try adjusting your television’s brightness to a comfortable level.
• Lifestyle: Maintain a balance lifestyle with a healthy diet, ample hydration, and good regular sleep. Be sure to turn off your gaming devices half an hour you go to bed to help your brain to wind down.
• Treatment: Be sure to seek the help of a health care professional should you experience symptoms such as pain, throbbing, aching, tingling, numbness, burning sensation, or stiffness.

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Motion furniture for optimal wellbeing

Not merely a luxury item, motion furniture is beneficial to health and quality of life, especially for senior citizens or those suffering from medical conditions.

28 September 2015, Johannesburg: Motion furniture provides the perfect place to relax and unwind in complete comfort, but it also has many health benefits. Ryan Beattie from La-Z-Boy, the company that pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, explains how this seating has the potential to make lives of the elderly and infirm easier, healthier and more enjoyable.
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A clean bill of health

Our current view on good health is a lot more holistic than in the past, where it was simply considered as the lack of illness. Today, wellbeing comprises reaching a state of harmony with regards to body, mind and soul.

Movement plays a huge role in the state of ones health, but our sedentary lifestyles negate this due to the amount of static sitting that occurs on a day-to-day basis. This is even more so for people who struggle with physical impairments. Movement is essential as it encourages blood circulation, which in turn increases oxygen levels and the transport of nourishment.

“Moving and breathing does a world of good for the body, but conventional seating restricts this to the point of it being detrimental to your health,” explains Ryan. With static chairs, one can expect aches and pains from poor posture, reduced flexibility and muscle strength, decreased circulation, and a restricted diaphragm that hampers the supply of oxygen to the brain. All of this leads to physical and mental fatigue.

Interior of the comfortable bedroom 3D rendering. Photo on wall was made by me, I uploaded model's release

Interior of the comfortable bedroom 3D rendering. Photo on wall was made by me, I uploaded model’s release

“However, motion furniture can, to a certain extent, help. La-Z-Boy recliners for example, encourage sitting in motion, even for those who struggle to move with ease. The advanced design allows people to move all sorts of muscles groups that they wouldn’t use in a normal chair. As a result, users will be able to breathe with more ease, have better posture and circulation, and experience enhanced wellbeing as a whole,” nods Ryan.

Lean back

La-Z-Boy’s Power Recliners are the perfect solution for a tired or weak body. “Operated electrically by the touch of a button, our Power Recliners offer benefits that will be appreciated by everyone, whether fit and able, or not,” points out Ryan. He believes that a recliner’s ability to slide back into a more comfortable position helps relieve the weight and stress on the leg muscles experienced from being on your feet for prolonged periods of time, or for those with leg issues.

Recliners also support the lumber spine, encouraging good posture particularly for those who are chair-bound for prolonged periods due to medical conditions. “Sitting in a reclined position relieves pressure and allows your muscles to rejuvenate, whilst offering customised support for your legs and back. In addition, it enables people to change their seating position according to their needs,” explains Ryan. So whether you want to read, watch TV or take a nap – the La-Z-Boy can be adjusted to support your body, preventing you from getting uncomfortable and sore.

Features of the La-Z-Boy PowerRecliner include:

• The power to recline at the touch of a button.
• Powered back and leg rest, adjustable to any position.
• Smooth and effortless operation moves from seating to fully reclined in seconds.
• A quiet and stable base provides consistent reclining operation.
• Exclusive La-Z-Boy back support fully supports lower back in all positions.

Great for back pain suffers

Recliners provide a back-friendly seating option. Ryan explains: “Reclining is helpful for back-pain sufferers because of the full body support offered in a reclining chair or sofa – from the head and neck, the upper back, lumbar region, right down to your legs and feet. Simply put – when you recline, you reduce the strain and pressure in your back, which helps to relax surrounding muscles and ultimately takes the tension away from the pain-ridden area.”

He says that according to medical research, the key to getting relief is elevating your legs: “La-Z-Boy recliners are the ideal solution to the back-pain problem – they offer such effective total body and lumbar support, that they have been fully endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.”

Lift off

Those who are mobility-challenged and find it difficult to sit down or stand up unassisted may land up staying in bed or in one chair all day. “The process of getting up or sitting down can be strenuous on the body, but not doing so and simply staying in the same position for long periods of time will eventually have problematic repercussions,” advises Ryan.

This is where La-Z-Boy’s Hi-Lift mechanism can make a huge difference, giving you a lift whenever you need it. “Hi-lift power action moves the seat of the recliner up to meet the person who wants to sit down, and then slowly lowers them into a fully seated position. When they want to stand-up again, the seat rises, lifting them out of a seated position and helping them to stand-up. The La-Z-Boy Hi-Lift mechanism can be fitted to any of our incliners,” points out Ryan.

Features of the La-Z-Boy Hi-Lift include:

• The motorised lift action helps people sit down and stand up with ease.
• The process takes place at a speed that is comfortable for any individual.
• It can help to significantly reduce stress on joints and the back when sitting or standing.
• It has the look and feel of a normal recliner, allowing it to fit in with your decor without looking out of place.
• It plugs directly into the wall, but also has a battery backup that is activated when the power goes out, allowing for one cycle.

“When purchasing a chair for the mobility-impaired, it is essential that you talk to a medical expert first. They can also advise on what positions will be most suitable for you,” suggests Ryan, who believes that motions furniture can aid the elderly or infirm to get the best rest and healing they deserve.

The La-Z-Boy range is available throughout South Africa at specially appointed La-Z-Boy furniture retailers. Visit to find a retailer closest to you.

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Reclining in style

Explore the difference between a regular recliner and a superior quality recliner with the help of motion furniture expert, Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy, who guides you through what to look for when choosing quality motion furniture.

14 August 2015, Johannesburg: “As with most things in life, quality trumps quantity,” says Claire Gibson, from world-renowned motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy. She explains that furniture is a considerable investment in one’s home, so it’s crucial to choose quality pieces that will last. This point is even more relevant when it comes to motion furniture thanks to all the moving parts inherent in this kind of seating.
“Cheaper inferior quality recliners tend to experience a lot more wear and tear, with parts packing up and needing regular replacing,” explains Claire, who believes if you’re going to go to all the trouble of finding the perfect recliner, you might as well invest in a superior quality recliner by a trusted brand, such as La-Z-Boy: “Investing in a quality brand will provide you with optimum peace of mind and out-of-this-world reclining comfort.”

She says: “When shopping for a recliner, make a point of testing out all the different options, sitting in them in various positions to see how they make your body feel. Take note of the level of support, degree of comfort, ease of operation, and the smoothness of the reclining movement. These key elements play a major role in defining the quality of motion furniture.”
Up to par

Recliners have taken the seating industry by storm, but not all recliners are made equal, notes Claire: “La-Z-Boy has really established itself as a world leader in the industry, and for good reason, as it offers unique features that have been developed over decades to the highest of standards.”

So what are the defining qualities of La-Z-Boy that sets this brand apart from the rest? Here’s Claire’s breakdown of key features that will help you identify a La-Z-Boy amongst the crowd:

• 18 reclining positions: Whilst most recliners only offer a 3-phase reclining mechanism, La-Z-Boy recliners have a total of 18 different reclining positions, all of which were designed and built to offer full lumbar and body support. So whether you’re watching TV, breastfeeding, or taking a nap, La-Z-Boy can be adjusted to suit your every need.

• 3 footrest positions: La-Z-Boy recliners feature a secure three-position locking footrest, allowing you to choose your level of comfort and then lock it into place for optimal safety and support. The footrests of all La-Z-Boy recliners are able to work together with or independently from the backrest, and come complete with cushioned calf support on the leg rest.

• Imported reclining mechanism: Unlike regular seating, motion seating moves, and as such, the way it moves is a very important aspect to consider when making your purchase decision. La-Z-Boy’s patented motion mechanism allows the seat and the back to move in synchronicity for a naturally reclining movement and smooth operation that’s a breeze to use.

• High quality construction: Whilst the exteriors of some recliners may look similar, it’s what is on the inside that counts. Superior frame construction is what sets quality recliners apart from inferior alternatives. Only La-Z-Boy recliners can lay claim to a patented 4-sided unibody frame that’s crafted from superior Radiata hardwood and steel for long-lasting durability. So although you may pay a bit more for something you can’t see, the quality craftsmanship that lies beneath the surface will ensure that your La-Z-Boy stands the test of time.

• High-end upholstery: La-Z-Boy recliners come in a wide variety of quality upholstery options. The brand’s premium material is high-end leather, as it is durable, long lasting, and offers a timelessly elegant tactile and visual appeal. A more affordable option is fabric upholstery, which is available in an assortment of colours and patterns to suit any interior. Whilst a recliner with leather uppers offers the best of both worlds regarding quality finish and more affordable price points. Beneath the La-Z-Boy’s material you will find sturdy springs and optional quality-grade memory foam on all motion suites from La-Z-Boy for extra comfort and durability that will withstand day-to-day use.

• Guarantee: Most furniture comes with a guarantee, but La-Z-Boy has set the bar high by offering customers a unique 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind and confidence. It covers the frame, mechanism, electrical components, foam, and upholstery, making it one of the finest guarantees in the market. Add to that La-Z-Boy’s excellent after-sales service, and you can understand why the brand had developed such a trustworthy reputation for quality motion seating.

“The bottom line is – if it doesn’t say it’s a La-Z-Boy, it isn’t a genuine La-Z-Boy,” nods Claire, who believes that one must invest in the best motion furniture that one can afford, choosing quality over price, even if it looks similar on the outside.

La-Z-Boy furniture is available throughout South Africa at specially appointed La-Z-Boy furniture retailers. See below images of the new La-Z-Boy suites that have just been launched, and visit to find a retailer closest to you.


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