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Set in style//part 2//series

Inspire your interiors with the series that inspire you – I know, after watching the stylings of Suits and the likes, I most definitely should have been a lawyer. And, after watching Victoria’s reign of power in Revenge, it’s certain (not that it wasn’t) marrying for money only gets you… an awesome house… kidding.

Greyson manor//


And the infamous, ever sought after… Victoria’s chair! That’s not it – but something like it that someone searched for.'s chair

Let’s take it from family feuds to law ones, it’s the set styling of Suits. Oh Harvey! We do love your mind and office…

Harvey's office//

Harvey's office//

Scene 2.

Set: Harvey’s office

Position: At the famous-by-now chaise chair.


From dramatic lawyers to even more dramatic advertising folk… It’s MadMen‘s retro set décor.


I don’t think the MadMen stylists had too much of a hard time with the set décor, ’cause retro is all (and always) the rage…


Here’s saving the best for last – with thanks to Page Thirteen, we have these magnificent Gossip Girl inspiration photo’s…

Van der Woodsen's//





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