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Posted by the trend stalker on 25th June 2013

Conscious spacial awareness

Creating spaces where function leads form is the purpose of today’s post. While interior décor focuses on fabrics, colours and finishes – the most important of all is the function of your space. Modern Dining Room by Seattle Architects & Designers Eggleston Farkas Architects Let areas seem larger and every corner exude purpose, let space […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 7th May 2013

Won’t you Charleston with me?

In light of what was and what is going to be – that is the 1920s era and the soon to be released, new edition of the Great Gatsby – art deco will be the interior inspiration for the purpose of this post… From the flapper inspired Crawley dress sense in Downton Abbey to the […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 9th April 2013

Pattern on, in and all over print

When it comes to pattern and print… I can’t get no! satisfaction! For the most part, clashing patterns and universe forbid, denim-on-denim in fashion, always illicits the up-then-down glance from passer’s by, but in décor – I don’t mind it in the least. Allow me to challenge the norm for the purpose of this post… […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 5th March 2013

Fashion-come-decor // twice the charm

Since the cameras, lights and all the action started in New York and made it’s way back to finish in Paris tomorrow, I thought to add a second addition to our fashion-come-décor post, to send off the height of this season’s splendour, in splendour. Marc Jacobs & Elle Decor at Fashion + Decor (Photo: null […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 5th February 2013

Set in style

Ever watched a film and whilst doing so, looked around your home and thought, this place has that set’s potential. I’m always most impressed by a good film’s set design as opposed to its actors or styling. I was crazy for the interiors that featured in A single Man. Oh! Have a look – here’s […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 24th August 2012

Bedrooms to Envy

It’s Friday and I thought “hey, what can I do to make someone’s day?” Then it came to me, no tips not critique, just great rooms to look at and admire. Well, I hope that it gives you ideas and something to look forward to. I hope that today’s post is more inspiration than envy, […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 22nd May 2012

Dream Living, Sort of

Every now and then something triggers memories of dreams I had when I was young and bright-eyed. Be it a photograph or a song on the radio while I’m driving to the shops and I remember that when I was 13 I truly believed I would never drive. That as soon as I was free […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 2nd May 2012

Essential small-space advice

What started off being a follow-up to my “bling up your rented space” post morphed, without me even being aware of it, into tips for decorating and utilising small spaces. Some of today’s décor advice entails painting and banging nails into walls. So if you’re renting but like what you see, now’s a good time […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 14th March 2012

Fair, fairer, fairest home of all

Apart from their ability to plump (or deflate) the ego, mirrors can add an exciting element to your décor. The trend these days, though, veers sharply away from large expanses of bikini-unfriendly reflection. The most stylish homes on are wearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny mirrors – some of them even in polka-dot shapes. The trick […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 22nd February 2012

Pretty in (pastel) pink

It’s a fact that brighter-than-bright décor is trending all over the world. But this doesn’t mean that you have to adopt the style if your personal taste tends more towards the pale. Pastel shades are soothing and pretty and, in large, doses, infinitely easier to live with. One trick that international decorators have adopted, though, […]