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Posted by the trend stalker on 7th October 2015

Motion furniture for optimal wellbeing

Not merely a luxury item, motion furniture is beneficial to health and quality of life, especially for senior citizens or those suffering from medical conditions. 28 September 2015, Johannesburg: Motion furniture provides the perfect place to relax and unwind in complete comfort, but it also has many health benefits. Ryan Beattie from La-Z-Boy, the company […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 19th December 2011


The festive season is in full swing, the only aspects lagging behind are my leave and putting up decorations at home. As I write this I’m humming Jingle Bell Rock. Even my local relaxation spotis feeling the mood – the tree and decor are up, the playlist is leaning on the jolly side of things […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 14th December 2011


A design trend that is slowly rearing its beautifully eclectic head in a chic form is the use of old wood in a new way, re purposed wood – or is it refurbished? No, I think it’s recycled and reused wood, but whatever you call it this trend is here to stay as it is […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 22nd February 2011

Interior Design: Turning over a new leaf

Going green needn’t be all about grass mats and a pot plant invasion, if you’ve been hearing that tree-hugging, glass-recycling, “we are the world, we are the future…” tune getting louder and louder in the back of your head then you have two options – either you need to use décor elements that are inspired […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 21st February 2011

Going back to your roots: Inheriting great design

Interior design is getting all nostalgic with nods to the past making an appearance in everything from materials to lighting – whether antique or art deco, blasts from the past are showing up in rooms across the globe. Lamps, bowls and even vases are getting an old school update as designers combine lush velvets and […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 17th February 2011

Live it up! What your living room needs NOW…

As far as living room design goes, earth-friendly or green elements are still very much in vogue. Going green gets a dose of sophistication with furniture design that’s as goodlooking as it is practical. We’ve gotten demanding – we’re on the hunt for modern living spaces that look the part, epitomising the modern living room […]