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Posted by the trend stalker on 21st February 2013

Home Office | Beyond The Fundamentals

Most would argue that four walls and a roof make a house and that the addition of personality and character makes this house a home. But that starting off  point with the house is the most fundamental step to making a home. With this logic in mind I’ve put together a bit of a roadmap […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 11th August 2012

Trending: Your Bookshelf: A Home for Anything you can Imagine

Disclaimer: here at The Furnishing Touch love books. We love to think of bookshelves as homes for all our friends. It’s a relationship we cherish and encourage; book lovers, books and bookshelves. Traditional Hall design by Boston Design-build Morse Constructions Inc. What’s been trending is something a little outside of that.

Posted by the trend stalker on 6th July 2012

What I’m currently loving

Having this blog has been in my top five of “the most fun things I’ve done” when I’m not staying up late to meet deadlines or staring at a computer screen that seems to be stuck on Pinterest with a glazed over look, that is. I see a lot of great interiors and pieces that […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 28th June 2012

Empty Nesting Ideas

If your parents are anything like mine, then I assume that the first time you came home from university or your gap year you found that your bedroom was turned into a room of leisure. All your memories, posters, all 20 stuffed animals packed away lovingly and a massage chair facing a flat plasma screen, […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 19th June 2012


My favourite part of writing this blog isn’t the trends or reading up on new furniture sanding techniques (though those two aspects also make me happy). My favourite part of researching for this blog isn’t really reading all the design trend forecasts from my favourite chic nooks of the internet. What I like is looking […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 8th May 2012

Make your home office work for you

Right all you work-from-homers, let’s get down to business. No more excuses for the sorry state of our offices! I’ve just spent two hours trawling sites like Makro and Game to find solutions for us. Not only are there some nifty – and nice-looking – items out there, most of them are a lot less […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 4th May 2012

Working on making working from home more pleasant

A few days ago, I posted this link on my Facebook page. The home office décor tips were meant to inspire my work-from-home connections. I envisioned them leaving me messages of gratitude. The actual feedback I received was a little different … modern home office design by san francisco interior designer Jute Interior Design

Posted by the trend stalker on 24th August 2011

Do your homework

I always say that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. This is doubly true if you also love where you do it – and you’re an especially lucky bunny if you get to do it from home. Having a home office means that, when you decorate your […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 16th February 2011

The home office: Do your homework…

If you’re a fan of flexi-time, a supporter of self-employment or simply just lucky enough to dodge the traffic by working from home, then you probably have a home office. If your home office conjures up images of a young Harry Potter in a cupboard under the stairs, or leaves a lot to be desired […]