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Posted by the trend stalker on 25th June 2013

Conscious spacial awareness

Creating spaces where function leads form is the purpose of today’s post. While interior décor focuses on fabrics, colours and finishes – the most important of all is the function of your space. Modern Dining Room by Seattle Architects & Designers Eggleston Farkas Architects Let areas seem larger and every corner exude purpose, let space […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 12th February 2013

You may enter

Have your entryway ready to greet whenever the doorbell rings. Here are the most basic, yet most important, all-you-need-to-know tips for creating an impressionable first impression. First thing’s first and this doesn’t count ’cause it’s a given – walking into darkness certainly won’t get you off on the right foot, so be sure to avoid […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 29th January 2013

Widen, heighten, broaden

So we’ve all read articles about how to create the illusion of space within a small one… But here are a few tricks I thought were a tad different and insightful. 5 tips to widen, highten, broaden your spaces. Do not paint a room, walls, floors and ceilings black (or too dark a colour) – […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 18th December 2012

Pull & Tie the room together

Now, tie it all up, with one final stamp of style approval – a sure way to consolidate your room’s look by placing in it, just one last item. Area rugs. Rugs for areas that you want to define, rugs for areas that you want to refine and rugs for areas you want to, if […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 31st October 2011

Making space to play

This non-Mom is going to a first birthday party on Sunday and, apart from slightly dreading the child-to-adult ratio of the expected guests, I’m at a total loss for gift ideas. The birthday boy – let’s call him Little J – already seems to have more toys than his parents have space for and cute […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 3rd August 2011

Be my guest … yes, really

A dear friend of mine owns a quad bike adventure company and takes groups of people all over SA to ride. I’m her best customer and biggest fan. I go on every ride and always “make time” to help her recce new routes, most of which are in remote and somewhat inaccessible spots. Needless to […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 1st August 2011

Loft living: All-in-one and one-for-all

There I was, going through, looking for a group that could add some weight to my rates billing complaint, when I spotted something unbelievable: in the past five-or-so years, in the region of R5-billion has been spent on making the inner city and Braamfontein areas habitable again! So far, more than 10 000 homes […]

Posted by the trend stalker on 18th July 2011

Nuptials and nature: an inside-out connection

In the past few weeks, I’ve sat spellbound through two beyond-beautiful royal weddings and wished so hard that I write a fashion blog instead of a décor one, just so that I could dedicate 500 words to their gloriousness. Oh, those dresses … those flowers … And then it hit me! The nuptials both have […]