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The future of seating

Today, motion seating is a major trend in residential décor, and it is understandable why – not only does good quality modern motion furniture offer high-tech, tailored and constructed access to seating comfort and convenience, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and good for your overall wellbeing. Claire Gibson, from world-leading motion furniture manufacturers, La-Z-Boy, offers us an explanation why.

05 December 2016, Johannesburg: Sitting is something that we do a lot of, which is why it is such a hot topic amongst designers, researchers and health specialists alike. The seating in your home needs to look good, it needs to be functional, and it needs to offer healthy and ergonomic support for your body. So says Claire Gibson, from world-leading motion furniture manufacturers, La-Z-Boy: “Today it is no longer acceptable to invest in seating just because it looks good – it needs to be comfortable and it is expected to offer true ergonomic support for your body as well, especially if you are sitting in it for any length of time.”


The duality of sitting

The act of sitting seems quite simple – just bend your knees and put your bottom in the seat. However, it is a little more complicated than that – it involves a number of complex structures, including bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, joints and nerves. In fact, sitting is inherently a dynamic activity, because even when we are sitting, our bodies are constantly moving.
Claire explains: “Sitting entails motion, balance, position, posture and control. It involves both large motions, such as moving our arms and our legs, and small motions that allow us to maintain balance and change position slightly. And, when it comes to sitting, it is the ability to cater for both these macro- and micro-motions that are essential for our overall wellbeing.”
The only truly effective means of maintaining a seated position for any length of time is to be able to adjust for optimum comfort by continuously moving through a range of natural, centred and healthy positions. This requires a chair that allows users to dynamically shift between a range of stable postures. This is where motion seating is really ground-breaking, says Claire: “Any recliner worth its salt should offer various sitting positions for optimum comfort and utilisation – the back and footrest of any La-Z-Boy recliner for example, reclines individually to provide a total of 18 different comfort positions.
“You can move from slightly reclined to a full layout position, with the footrest raised to elevate your legs and feet for improved circulation. They have one continuous reclining surface, which guarantees full body and lumbar support in all 18 positions. For added safety, its footrest can be locked in three different positions.”


A true fit

Claire says that well designed motion furniture fits to people, instead of the other way around: “High-end motion furniture, such as La-Z-Boy recliners for example, offer full body support – from the head and neck, the upper back, lumbar region, right down to your legs and feet. This support is maintained no matter which position you are seated in, and it goes a long way to reduce any strain and pressure on your spine, legs and neck – ultimately promoting a healthy way of enjoying some good old fashioned R&R!”
So much so in fact, that well designed recliners have been noted as a good alleviator for back pain – this according to a survey of 300 primary care physicians across the United States (US), which was conducted by the LCWA Research Group. In the survey, 7 out of 10 primary care physicians in the US agreed that sitting in a fully supported reclined position at home could help to minimise back pain and discomfort. Says Claire: “La-Z-Boy recliners are the ideal solution for easing everyday aches and pains, such as back pain for example. In fact, they offer such effective total body and lumbar support, that they have been fully endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.”


What to look for

So what are the things to look for when investing in a recliner that will offer access to healthy sitting comfort? Claire offers the following pointers – a good recliner should do the following:

Support a person’s body: Any good quality recliner or incliner should suit your individual body shape, height and weight for optimum support. With regards to motion furniture, the level of comfort is directly associated to the user’s measurements and weight. The patented La-Z-Boy mechanism for example, provides the smoothest reclining motion and allows you to adjust the reclining tensions so that you can customise the amount of effort needed to operate the recliner, based on your individual body type. The La-Z-Boy incliners also boast an easy-action latch release that is set flush in the side panels of the incliner, as well as adjustable footrest tension for customised comfort.

Support activity: A chair should support all the activities in which people engage, not just one primary activity. La-Z-Boy recliners for example, offer great support for hundreds of different past-times, including watching television, movies and sports, breastfeeding, gaming, knitting, and reading, to name just a few.

Promote movement: Any seating solution should encourage and even promote natural movements of the body while you are using it. “La -Z-Boy recliners are able to move with the user – making it easy for them to adjust their position until they have achieved optimum comfort.”

Enhance ease of use: Any recliner should be easy to use – offering fluid and flexible operation, as well as an unconstrained and dynamic response to your body’s sitting needs. Also, the controls that offer active adjustment should be simple to understand and operate that the user can get right the first time they sit in the chair.

“Seating should go beyond just conforming to the dimensional criteria of your
body – it should fit the people who sit in it, providing support for a wide variety
of body types, motions, positions and activities. A truly well designed chair, such
as those from La-Z-Boy for example, does all of this, as well as being easy and
safe to use, long-lasting, and they offer a timeless elegance that will stand the test
of time,” concludes Claire.


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