Posted by the trend stalker on 7th May 2013

Won’t you Charleston with me?

In light of what was and what is going to be – that is the 1920s era and the soon to be released, new edition of the Great Gatsby – art deco will be the interior inspiration for the purpose of this post…

From the flapper inspired Crawley dress sense in Downton Abbey to the plunging waistlines we see in the glimpse of the new film, The Great Gatsby to be released on the 17th of May – let’s take a look at art deco through the ages… It’s true, history does repeat itself. Downton Abbey's Crawley Ladies

Welcome to all that is art deco – this way please…

Do make yourself at home, while I fetch the tea… Gatsby Tea Room

Won’t you stay for dinner? Downton Abbey Dining Table Elements of Downton Gatsby dining at the Plaza NYC

Now, go on, Charleston with me? The French are doing it… The 20s at Downton Great Gatsby party

Since it’s become ever so late – do stay ’til morning – we’d be glad to have you… The new Fitzgereld Suite at The Plaza NYC

Go and see the new Great Gatsby on the 17th of May – I trust you’ll be more than inspired by the tantalising art deco styling. I for one, cannot wait.

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